Scenic & Historic Dell Rapids

Award Winning Recognition

“I would characterize the show as a visually and historically fascinating review of the Dell Rapids experience. The show covers aspects of living in Dell Rapids through the eyes of its people and is an excellent way to understand the fine qualities of the community.”

— Paul Putz, Director, Historical Preservation Center, USD

“This presentation provided a focus on all aspects of Dell Rapids Community, from the days of settlement to the present, with spectacular photography and superb integration of text, music and pictures.”

— Diane Josephson, President
Siouxland Heritage Museums
Alliance, Sioux Falls

In July 1989, the Dell Rapids Historical Council embarked on a project that would tell the fascinating story of the Dell Rapids community. The project began with a series of obstacles that nearly ended the production before it got off the ground. To begin with, a grant to help fund the project was denied because the Council intended to utilize local talent rather than bring in an outside production company to produce the show, and because of the Council's desire to tell a comprehensive story of Dell Rapids instead of focusing on just the arts and humanities.

Balking at the guidelines necessary for grant approval, the Council decided to rely on local talent to produce the show, hoping for local money to fund it. In August 1989, Craig Kumerfield began work as photographer/producer and Roberta DeVaney took on the task of researching, writing the script, and co-producing with Kumerfield. In spite of a lack of adequate funding, the two teamed up for the next two and a half years, and their sheer determination to tell the town's fascinating story sustained them during the long production period.

The council is extremely proud of the production and believes that it is "one of a kind" with its broad scope and comprehensive nature. Since its release, the slide show has been viewed by over two thousand people, and has received outstanding reviews and an overwhelming public response. The Council feels that the success of the show is due in large part to the fact that it was produced locally, thereby capturing the heart and soul of Dell Rapids. Because of their interest in Dell Rapids, the producers demonstrated a level of dedication that would not have been possible with even the best of production companies.

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