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Children's Theater Performs FLY at ES by Jennifer Reecy (2nd Grade Teacher)

Cast of FLY (from L to R): Unidentified, Rose Ann Kelly, Nancy Halverson, Robyn Holcomb. Not pictured: Patrick Pope

The Children's Theatre Company of Sioux Falls (CTCSF) presented "FLY" to the delight of Dell Rapids Elementary School students and staff on February 27th, 2007. Thanks to the Sioux Empire United Way for providing half of the cost for this high quality child centered arts experience. Using drama, music and visual arts the theatre troupe modeled how students can be "smart" when communicating about and reacting to their feelings.

Academic pursuits can help a student learn to read and write, but the "FLY" performance was geared to help students stretch their emotional intelligence. Using the arts, “FLY” challenged and motivated students to make positive choices in their relationships and friendships, to identify and responsibly react to their emotions, and to have empathy for others.

This performance was an opportunity for students to see again some of the same actors-educators who were here in the fall. During the week of September 25, Rose Ann Kelly and Patrick Pope conducted theatre classes for our elementary students, and returned this time as performers in “FLY” (see biographies of actors). Their fall CTCSF residency program was funded in part by a South Dakota Arts Council’s Artist in the Schools program.

During the fall CTCSF residency program, the elementary students had a great time participating in theatre games and improvisation as they honed their budding theatrical skills.  Students created props, and learned music-dance moves for a production presented at the end of the CTCSF residency program.  - all the while learning some of life's most important lessons.

The Children’s Theatre Company of Sioux Falls inspired and educated our Dell Rapids students through their awesome performance!

Thanks to Rynn Lamb, parent, Pam Leib, 1st grade teacher, and Jennifer Reecy, 2nd grade teacher for their efforts to write grants, organize, and support each of these unique arts experiences for our students.

Below are some photos from the event.