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School Closing & Delay Information by Tom Ludens (Superintendent)

Guidelines and Procedures

Winter Weather For severe weather conditions school closings, delays and early dismissals.

Severe weather or other emergencies may make it necessary to close school, delay the start of the school day or dismiss classes early. Safety is our first concern. We realize these decisions are inconvenient, but we ask for your cooperation and understanding to do what is best for our students and staff.

It is our practice to hold school unless we determine that there is a health or safety risk. Some parents may choose not to send their child(ren) to school in weather they feel is too severe. The District will consider this an excused absence as long as parents call or notify the appropriate school(s). Parents may also pick up their child(ren) early or request early dismissal of students who drive to school when weather is a concern.

Announcements regarding school closings, delayed start times, early dismissals and changes in school bus service will be made on the television and radio stations, and the Dell Rapids Information Line by dialing 428-4040 (ext. 4, #2) listed below. It is our goal to notify the media by 6 a.m. on the day of a school closing. Please refrain from calling the schools. It is important to keep our phone lines open for notifications and emergencies.

TV Stations (Broadcast / Cable) Radio Stations
KDLT-TV (Channel 5/5) KELO (1320 AM)
KELO-TV (Channel 11/3) KSOO (1140 AM)
KSFY-TV (Channel 13/9) KELO (92.5 FM)
KTTW-TV (Channel 17/) KIKN (100.5 FM)
  KJAM (103.1 FM)
KKLS (104.7 FM)

On the District enrollment form, elementary parents provide instructions for where their child is to go in case of an emergency early dismissal. Please make sure that this information is current and that the child(ren) and anyone providing childcare after school are aware of this plan. We recommend that middle school and high school parents also discuss an emergency early dismissal plan with their child(ren).

As a general rule, after school activities are canceled with school closings or early dismissals.

Severe weather can affect school bus service. Hazardous road conditions may make it impossible to pick up or drop off students at their regular bus stops. Snow routes will only be used when absolutely necessary, and it will be announced EACH time they are used.