Dell Rapids Public School News


District Purchases Mass Communications Systems by Tom Ludens (Superintendent)

Tower Weather-related school delays and cancellation. Crisis communication. These are just a few of the ways the District will be using a new communication tool recently approved by the School Board.

The SchoolReach system allows the district to record, send and track personalized, time-sensitive phone, email and text messages to literally thousands of parents/guardians in a matter of minutes.

Messages can be sent district-wide, school-wide or to specific sub-groups. If there is a need to contact the parents/guardians of all third grade students, a message can be sent to the contact information for those students. If a message needs to be sent to the parents/guardians of all high school juniors, a call could go out to the contact numbers for those students.

The new system should be operational by the end of January. The first message, to be sent by Superintendent Tom Ludens in January, will greet parents/guardians and staff members and welcome them to the newest communication tool in the District.