Enrolling Your Child

Enrolling Your Child

Imagine being the cobbler who must make shoes for 1,000 boys and girls.
These shoes must fit, must help the children to walk better, and must appeal
to the children and their parents.

Sure, you could make a few kinds of shoes and hope they fit, even with the
knowledge that each child’s podiatry needs are different. “Force your feet into them,”
you could tell the children, knowing one style would be the easiest option for you,
but hardly would meet the needs of each child. Or, to satisfy the needs of your
children and parents, you could make dozens of styles and sizes. More work for you?
You bet it is. But every child will have shoes that fit.

The Dell Rapids School District IS that cobbler, with programs
and schools that meet the educational needs of every child.

We believe that:

  • All children can learn
  • The best education happens when parents, students and school staff work together toward common goals by commonly agreed-upon methods; and
  • Families are the decision-makers on where their children will attend school.


Where to Register/Enroll

Parents who would like to register their children for elementary school (K-4) can call Heidi
Adams at 428-5473, Ext. 6. For Middle School students (grades 5-8), parents can call Connie
Hansen at 428-5473, Ext. 5. And for High School students (grades 9-12) parents can call Eve Pickard at 428-5473, Ext. 2.

Items Needed to Register/Enroll

  • Birth Certificate
    • A certified copy of the birth certificate must be presented to the school at the time of enrollment or within 30 days. An affidavit issued by the State Department of Health may be presented in lieu of the birth certificate.
  • Immunizations
    • A Certificate of Immunization must be presented prior to admission to school. Immunization/Health forms are available at the school offices.
    • Effective 2016-17: Two doses of Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination will be required for students entering kindergarten.
    • 6th grade students immunizations must include:
    • One dose of Tdap vaccine
    • One dose of MCV4
    • The requirements apply only for 6th grade entry and transfer students 6th to 12th grade
    • If a child is 10 years old when entering the 6th grade they have 45 days after their 11th birthday to be vaccinated

For more information about registration, call your child’s school.

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