School Board – Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a broad statement of the unique purpose for which the district exists and the specific function it performs.

We promote spirited thinking, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

The vision statement is the guiding principles that establish the framework within which the district will accomplish its mission.

We will sustain an environment where education is valued, excellence is expected, and improvement is continuous.


Beliefs are statements of the district’s fundamental convictions, values, and character.

  • We believe that all students must be challenged.
    • With higher order thinking skills of analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information.
    • With emphasis on basic skills, creativity, cooperative learning, service learning and hands on experiences.
    • Standards and curriculum must be relevant, challenging and embraced.
  • We believe that high expectations result in high performance.
    • Expect the best; work for the best will result in higher performance levels.
    • Students, faculty and staff must set the bar high in order to enhance achievement and improve performance.
    • Students need a variety of role models to influence lifelong learning.
    • Successful teaching takes place when students are learning.
  • We believe that continuous improvement yields excellence.
    • The students, staff, school and community must continuously make improvements.
    • Performance assessments that demonstrate continuous academic growth mean excellence.
  • We believe that a safe, secure, supportive and adaptive environment is essential to learning.
    • The school system is a community learning center made up of buildings and equipment that is safe, secure and adaptable to future educational needs.
    • Learning improves when the environment is stimulating, safe and secure, and based on mutual respect for one another.
  • We believe that the spirit of community is central to the Dell Rapids School District.
    • The school, community, and families must work cooperatively to meet the educational and co-curricular needs of the students.
    • The students, school, community, and families share the responsibility to educate each student.
  • We believe that trust and respect form the cornerstone of the Dell Rapids School District culture.
    • Students learn best in an atmosphere of trust, respect, honesty, and integrity.
    • School improvement can only flourish in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect with open communication.
  • We believe that public education is vital to a democratic society.
    • Public education produces responsible citizens who respect the rights of self and others who contribute to the betterment of society.
    • Our democratic society could not survive without an educated citizenry.
    • Students shall be educated in a well-rounded manner emphasizing the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual aspects of development.
    • Students must be taught to respect people of diverse cultures and to recognize the contributions of all heritages.
  • We believe that students, staff, and community will learn from and accept responsibility for their own actions and behaviors.

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